Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Looking for new ways to eat Thanksgiving leftovers? Mindy Lockard’s Turkey Pot Pie recipe is a delicious way enjoy any extra turkey and sides. Simply simmer some turkey broth with leftover veggies and turkey and top with stuffing to create this stress-free dish. You can even plan ahead and make extra stuffing or Mindy’s Stuffing in Muffin Pans recipe to ensure you have enough. The day after Thanksgiving has never tasted so good!

November 15th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

What is Raclette? | Chef’s Kitchen with Chef Greg Cabeza

A wonderful melting cheese, Raclette is a semi-hard, cows’ milk cheese that’s made on both sides of the French and Swiss Alps. Famous in Europe, it’s often melted over potatoes and roasted veggies. Instead of grating it, Chef Greg suggests crumbling it. Try it in Chef Greg’s recipe for Smashed Potatoes with Raclette Cheese!

November 12th, 2019|Chef Greg|

Market Kitchen Sides | Did You Know?

Glazed in maple syrup, butter and thyme, then slowly braised until brown on the outside and juicy on the inside, our Maple Glazed Turkey Breast is a seasonal favorite and one of the many choices you’ll find at your Market Kitchen this fall and winter. Marcus, kitchen manager at our Willamette Market, talks about some our chef-created sides, like Brown Butter Caramel Bread Pudding, and Mustard and Cider Roasted Carrots.

November 12th, 2019|Did You Know?|

Turkey Cheese Ball Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Looking for a fun Thanksgiving activity to do with your kids? This turkey cheese ball is a creative-yet-yummy way to commemorate the holiday. Making the cheese ball is easy – besides the main ingredients, all you need are a few veggies and pretzels to decorate your turkey. Grab your kids and get started. Your guests are going to gobble up this appetizer!

November 12th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

The Best Apples For Pie | How-To

One of the best parts of autumn is enjoying big, juicy apples grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. One of the best ways to celebrate apple season is by making a homemade apple pie. Which is the best type for pie? Classic Granny Smith, if you are craving something tart or Fuji if you’re seeking something sweet. Caith, produce clerk at our Willamette Market, suggests mixing different types of apples, like Granny Smith, Pink Lady and McIntosh. “The best apple pie is made with six different varieties of apples!” Caith says.

November 8th, 2019|How-To|

Pumpkin and Apple Mason Jar Pies Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

If you have no room left for pie after all the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls, then Mindy Lockard’s upside-down pumpkin and apple mason jar pies are the perfect solution! These little pie cups are just the right size for when you are stuffed. The best part is that they can be made ahead to make room for the turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. These pie jars are a little slice – or more like little spoonfuls – of heaven!

November 7th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|