The quintessential summer treat, s’mores are a fun way to bring friends and family together. Mindy Lockard shows you how to make a simple s’mores kit using ingredients you might already have in your pantry, like cookies and peanut butter cups. The kit is great for outdoor entertaining around a backyard fire pit. Don’t have a fire pit? Find out Mindy’s super easy s’mores recipe using the oven broiler.

Indoor S’mores

graham crackers
chocolate, a variety of flavors

oven-safe baking and cooling rack
cookie sheet
cupcake wrappers

1. Line up graham cracker squares or cookies on oven-safe rack
2. Top each cracker or cookie with chocolate and one marshmallow, standing on end
2. Place in oven and broil for 1 min or until golden brown
3. Remove from oven and top each s’more with an additional graham cracker square or cookie
4. Let cool for 10 min then serve s’mores in cupcake wrappers

Tip: Offer a variety of different types of chocolate, crackers and cookies, letting each guest pick their favorite.