Ever wonder who’s behind the recipes featured in Savories, our two-week circular? That would be Chef Greg. His title is part of his identify—it’s who he is. Chef Greg has been dreaming up recipes for us since 2003. In addition to our Savories recipes, Chef Greg is also the mastermind behind many of the entrees, side dishes and salads found at your Market Kitchen.

How he got his start

Greg’s journey as a chef began in busy kitchens. Before he started college, he took a job at a large fine-dining restaurant that was also a music venue and bar. Although Greg learned a lot about food from his mother, having grown up hunting, fishing and gardening in Idaho, it was when he began working in this hectic and exhilarating environment that he knew he wanted to be a chef.

After moving to Eugene, Greg took restaurant positions at Jo Federigo’s, Café Zenon, Mazzi’s, and Oregon Electric Station. He then bought a small café that he ran with friends and family for a few years. After selling the café, Greg took a break from cooking, which made him realize just how much he needed to be in a kitchen. That’s when his wife pointed out an open position at Market of Choice, and Chef Greg has been with us ever since!

Travels and inspiration

New York City, Napa, San Francisco, the Southwest and Seattle – Chef Greg has traveled around the county for seminars and food tours to continue learning and to cultivate his skills. Most recently, he traveled to the Culinary Institute of America to spend time with chefs from all over the world, where he learned new strategies to bring healthy food into the mainstream.

“It has been a wonderfully enlightening experience. I met and worked with many amazing chefs and industry leaders,” Greg says. “I take any opportunity I can to continue to learn new cuisines and flavors and new ways to make our food supply more earth-friendly.”

Cooking style

When Greg started out, his focus was rich, classic restaurant foods, like sauces, pastas and meats. Since then, his style has changed significantly. Now, Greg appreciates simple meals made with locally sourced ingredients—produce, cheeses and other artisanal ingredients. He focuses on West Coast and Pacific Rim flavors, plant-based meals and healthy and wholesome choices.

“We are so very blessed to live in Oregon, with an abundance of producers, growers and small companies making specialty products—from local honey to seafood, mushrooms to charcuterie, cheeses to breads—and, of course, wines,” Greg says. “I love that Market of Choice is the meeting place for all of these amazing things. I, and my team, take great pride in using them well.”

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