Fun for kids and adults, this berry scary, Halloween-inspired dessert is a great way to spend time with your little ones! These strawberry ghosts triple as a festive activity, a yummy treat and as a Halloween decoration. All you need is strawberries, white chocolate chips, black decorating gel, skewers and you are ready to make Mindy Lockard’s imaginative, silly recipe. Grab a clay pot and a foam ball, too, to display your finished creations before eating!

Have fun with it

Strawberry ghosts are not meant to be taken seriously – so get creative and have fun! Is your ghost happy? Make it smile! Sad? Scared? Scary? Surprised? Make your ghost look however you want; there are tons of unique ways you can play with these while you make them. It’s especially fun to do this activity with kids, so let the whole family make their own strawberry ghosts.

Make it a decoration

Hosting a Halloween party? Not only is this recipe delicious and entertaining, it also serves as an October themed centerpiece. Use a clay pot, a trick-or-treat bucket or a hollowed-out pumpkin to hold the strawberry ghosts in. All you do is put a foam ball in the middle of the container you are using then stick the skewers into the ball. Your friends and family will love this cute creation. You can also take them off the sticks and serve them on a tray!

Strawberry Ghosts Recipe

1 c white chocolate baking chips
black decorating gel

clay pot with large foam ball inside

1. Pour white chocolate chips in a bowl
2. Microwave in 30 sec intervals, approx. 2-3 times, stirring each time. Be careful not to overcook chocolate
3. Put strawberries onto skewers
4. Dip into white chocolate, completely coating each strawberry
5. Stick each skewer into foam ball to let the chocolate set
6. After white chocolate is hard to touch, draw on eyes and mouth with black decorating gel
7. Stick skewers back in foam and add desired decorations to the pot

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