We are humbled by the outpouring of support that we’ve received from you, our customers. Read some of the many kind words that have been sent to us commending our incredible employees, who are working hard to keep our stores clean and our shelves stocked for you and your families.

We are humbled by the outpouring of support that we’ve received from you, our customers. Read some of the many kind words that have been sent to us commending our incredible employees, who are working hard to keep our stores clean and our shelves stocked for you and your families.

Very very well done. I just visited this morning. Great staff and diligently cleaning and offering advice. Great job MOC.
– Vvild F.

I just wanted to let the Bend staff know how much I appreciated their hard work and composure during this difficult time. I was shopping and noticed one after the other employee working very hard with a smile on their face and the store was well stocked, well staffed, orderly and very clean. I just wanted to write so that the staff knows that their efforts are noticed and appreciated by customers! I was really impressed.
– Brittany

Thank you, Market of Choice! It’s fun to shop at a socially responsible market. You’ve eliminated a great deal of concern for a whole lot of people.
– James R.

Thank you for all you are doing to support the community at this difficult time.
– ‎Patricia B.

Thank you for seeing the great effort and sacrifices all your employees are making int his time. They have always been polite, courteous, and friendly. Going the extra mile for customers is in their DNA.
– Kay H.

Cheers MOC for taking care of your peeps, which are our peeps. Gratitude for all y’all doing a great job. Stay safe.
– Leslie W.

Super class act! I appreciate the quality of service and attention to detail. This is my store!!
– Carrie M.

All of you are the best. I have to give a wonderful shout out to the meat/seafood department and the fresh vegetables and fruit department on Green Acres Rd. They are terrific.
– Key H.

Many, many, many thanks to your staff for simply being there!
– Terry W.

Sending a huge thank you to all of the employees who are working during this health crisis. I sincerely appreciate and acknowledge their service to the community.
– Pattie G.

I’m grateful to have MOC as our neighborhood grocery store. Very classy move to stand by your employees in this way. We didn’t realize how much we depend on you until now. Thanks for coming to Belmont. Thanks for your leadership in a crisis…and thanks for the delicious Indian hot bar all those weeks. Looking forward to better times.
– Devin S.

You guys are awesome! Thank you!
– Gail A.

Thank you for all the things you are doing to make your customers safe. I am so glad that you are my neighborhood market.
– Surja

Went to MOC today in Eugene and bought a cart full of groceries… I knew they’d be on top of keeping the space clean and safe for our community. Thank you!!
– Tami B.

Thank you, I’m truly grateful for you and the MOC family.
– Maryann B.

Thank you for all you and your employees have done for me personally and the community. It’s so very much appreciated.
– Linda G.

Your Markets are the best, and your community support is inspiring. Thank you!
– Mike S.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Market of Choice. You think of everything that’s important in the interest of your employees and your customers. We will get through this, and your organization is a model for how all grocers should approach this crisis.
– Ron F.

Market of Choice is THE BEST.
– Alisa B.

Thank you for all you do for our community.
– Barbara B.

Thank you!! I love shopping at your West Linn location. The employees are wonderful!
– Heather B.

Thank you for being such a thoughtful, caring part of our community. Bravo!
– Bruce B.

You guys are awesome. There’s a reason I’ve shopped almost exclusively at your store since the day you opened. And I will continue to.
– Ann G.

I went to the store today, and in the midst of all this chaos all employees at the Franklin location were friendly and professional and I just want to extend my heartfelt thank you to them. I know they are stressed and scared but my cashier still chatted with me like it was a regular day and for a moment I was able to feel normal, it was a wonderful reprieve. I hope you are able take care of your employees who are putting their health on the line so the community can have their basic needs met. They are doing an amazing job and deserve more than my thanks.
– Heather S.

Thanks Willakenzie team, my local store, we appreciate your efforts and availability.
– Robert A.

Thank you for all the positive things you are doing in this time of upheaval. I’m a happy customer!
– Emma L.

Great job! That’s why I support local business! I am a regular and have been since MOC opened. I want you to thank your employees for us customers. They are doing a great job despite the challenges that I have witnessed in recent times. Thank you for standing behind them and for helping us in the community.
– Sandy F.

Thank you, Market of Choice, for taking these steps to protect public health – I commend you! And as a daughter of elderly parents, the “Senior Shopping Hour” warms my heart and means a lot to me that you are inspiring compassion for those vulnerable.
– Thi D.

We visited the Bend store early Friday morning to buy a few vegetables. It was already getting busy and we were hoping to get in and out quickly. We headed to the EXPRESS line and found the cashier to be the store manager! We just want to offer a BIG thank you to a staff that is dedicated to helping a couple old people get checked out quickly. We feel so lucky to have a store that is so well run and beautifully stocked in these difficult times. Thank you again!!!
– KD L.

I also want to give a shout out to one of your cashiers, Elijah. He’s efficient and quick while also being kind and friendly. He even offered to bring our groceries to us if we are feeling anxious about going into the store, as time goes on. Truly an exemplary employee.
– Abigail L.

Thank you for taking care of your employees and your customers as well. Thanks for reserving some time for us who are over 60 too. You have a beautiful store in Cedar Mill and a great staff. Your work is much appreciated.
– Sally S.

Good Job!! I went to Delta today and it was like a party of old hippies like me!!! Clean store, fully staffed, lots of choices, no hoarding and no ‘gate crashers’ or young people trying to get into the party. Thank you!!
– Betsy R.

Thank you! We are so lucky to have your business around!
– Annette S.

Thank you for taking care of your people <3 already loved MOC but shopping there just became an even bigger priority for my household.
– Stephanie T.

Way to step it up MOC! True business leaders.
– Carole S.

My daughter absolutely loves working at MoC. And our community has been talking about what a great job your store is doing right now. Love the elderly shopping hour.
– Rebecca H.

True American spirit! I hope others will follow your lead. Also, thank you for the early seniors shopping time. You have definitely become my market of first choice.
– Sharon C.