Hemp Milk Latte

Have you tried one of our featured drinks this month? Try a Hemp Milk Latte, One Spice Chai Latte or Honey Cup Rooibos! Find them at your Market Barista.

Hemp Milk Latte
Packed full of heart-healthy omega-3 and -6 essential amino acids and loads of vitamins and minerals, hemp milk is a great source of plant-based nutrition for your busy mornings. We pair freshly steamed hemp milk with fresh espresso for a nutty, creamy treat you’re sure to enjoy. Try it with a syrup flavor for no additional charge.

One Spice Chai Latte
Made with Fair-Trade black tea sweetened with honey and cane juice, our newest organic chai blend from Pacific Foods is sure to please. Warming spices like ginger, cinnamon and black pepper, are blended with locally produced Umpqua milk. It’s a cup worth savoring!

Honey Cup Rooibos
A rich blend of organic rooibos tea with bee pollen and honey flavors, this South African herbal drink from Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants will transport you. The blend contains no caffeine and is naturally sweet, making it a nice alternative to coffee for the afternoon or evening.