BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Womxn Makers

For many years, we have supported local food and beverage makers in Oregon by helping them get to market and by telling their stories. We are now taking that local commitment a step further. As part of our promise to lift up our BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and womxn maker communities, we have launched a new initiative called the Market of Choice Amplify Program.

This new initiative celebrates local food and beverage makers who self-identify as local businesses that are womxn-owned, BIPOC-owned and/or LGBTQ-owned. To spotlight these makers, we’ve created colorful shelf tags for their products throughout our stores, so that customers can make a conscious effort to support these businesses when they shop with us.

Local Maker Products BIPOC-Owned Womxn-Owned LGBTQ-Owned
Mic’s Mix Flour Mixes X
Wanpaku Natto Japanese Natto X
Seoul Kimchi & Sauces X X
Nancy’s Dairy Products X
Lucky Foods Asian Foods X
Toby’s & Genesis Tofu Spreads, Dips & Juices X
Thrive Sauces X
Sherry’s Pasta & Pestos X
Clyde Dog Treats Dog Treats X
Stahlbush Island Farms Fruits & Vegetables X
Kember’s GF Seasonings X
Marshall’s Haute Sauce Hot Sauces X
Mamancy Tea Teas X
Rubi & Tatsu Household Product X X
Whitney Jayne Greeting Cards X X
Bread Lovers Gifts (bread kits) X
4Hearts Kombucha Beverages X X
Elegant Elaphant Baking Baked Goods X
Snackrilege Sandwiches X
Bees and Beans Candy Bars X
Clyde Dog Dog Treats X
Elements Truffle Chocolate Treats X
Ground Up Nut Butter X
Farm Punk Salads Salad Dressings X X
Mountain Mel’s Herbal Teas X
Royalty Spirits CBD Mixer X X
Salsas Locas Chips and Salsas X X
Mundus Foods Beverages X X
A Boring Life CBD Infused Nuts X X
Take Two Barley Milk X
Tan Tan Asian Sauces X X
Unbound Pickling Fancy Pickles X
Mizuba Tea Co Teas X
Tom Bumble Bars Peanut Butter Bars X
Holm Made Toffee Co. Hazelnut Toffee X
Other Foods Bread & Cake Mixes X
Momo Cocoa Cocoa Mixes X
RX Missionary Chocolates Dairy Free Truffles X
Good Medicine Tea Teas X
Choi’s Kimchi Co Kimchi X
Beeing Kind Spreads X
Oomph Cooking Blends Vegetables and Herbs Mixes X
Khalsa Salsa Indian Fusion Gourmet Salsas X X
Mapleini Naturally Sweetened Spreads X X
Waves Caribbean Jerk Sauces X
La Portena Chimichurri Sauces
Hibisbloom Hibiscus Flower Drink X
Kate’s Great Plant-Based Desserts Plant-Based Ice Cream X
JOR Bar Energy Bars X
Howl at the Spoon Artisanal Sauces X
Bloom Coconut Milk Caramel Sauces X
Best Damn BBQ Sauce BBQ Sauce X
Hab Sauce Hot Sauce X
Portland Pet Food Co Pet Food X
Wet Wizard Sauce Co Sauces X
One Stripe Chai Co Chai X X
Nora’s Kitchen Granola Granola X
The Cracker King Gluten Free Crackers X
Local Culture Sauerkraut X
Felton & Mary’s BBQ Sauce X
Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Mushroom Jerky X
Eleni’s Kitchen Seasonings & Sauces X X