Baking in Season in July

Jump into July with bountiful berries and fun, taste-tempting treats! For breakfast, try our scratch-made Red, White and Blueberry Mini Scones filled with sweet raspberries and beautiful blueberries. Perfect for popping in your mouth, our Firecracker Cookies are drizzled with white chocolate and topped with Pop Rocks! Or, enjoy a s'mores treat, sans the campfire! Find out more in the video.

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Baking in Season in June

Start your day with tasty Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins, featuring a decadent strawberry cream cheese filling and sensational streusel topping. Or, satisfy your sweet tooth with naturally fat-free, light and fluffy angel food cakes, hand-folded with high-quality ingredients, like Singing Dog Vanilla, sustainably grown and milled Shepherd's Grain Flour and evaporated cane sugar. Find out more in the video.

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Baking in Season in May

At your Market Bakery, we’re baking with fresh, seasonal ingredients throughout the month of May. A nod to spring and warmer days, our Strawberry Boston is filled and topped with glazed strawberries for a Northwest twist on the traditional Boston Cream Pie. What else in baking this month? How about Mexican Wedding Cookies! Watch the video.

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Baking in Season in April

We’re featuring several springtime flavors at your Market Bakery this month! Made with fluffy sponge cake, macaroon coconut and marionberry or raspberry fillings, our Fruit Roulades are both beautiful and delicious. Or, start your day with our scratch-made Cinnamon Rolls or maybe our Vegan Turnovers, available in three flavors: cherry, blueberry or apple. Watch the video.

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Baking in Season in February

Chloe is here to share what’s baking in season in this video! This month’s featured item is our Lemon Cream Crêpe Cake. Nine layers of tender crêpes and tart lemon cream are topped with fresh raspberries. We’re also baking vegan Fruit Turnovers in February, which are great with your morning cup of coffee! Want to take breakfast to the next level? Our Loaded Belgian Waffles are topped with Callebaut chocolate hazelnut spread, fresh whipped cream, berries and a light drizzle of chocolate truffle.

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Baking in Season in January

For our Baking in Season desserts, we use seasonal ingredients to make mouthwatering treats that are available all month long. January is all about citrus, which is why we are featuring our famous Orange Rolls! These scratch-made rolls are filled with a buttery orange filling and finished with a rich cream cheese frosting. Watch the video to learn more about our featured sweet treats.

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