How to Have a Happy Halloween at Home

Whether you’re trick or treating or having a fun-filled night at home, there are plenty of ways to pull off Halloween with a little help from your local Market. From candy classics to unique treats, you’ll find an array of spooktacular choices. Pick from plenty of locally grown pumpkins and gourds to build a creative display.

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Immunity Boosters for Cold and Flu Season

As part of the precautions you plan to take this cold and flu season, built up your immune system with an abundance of choices found at your Whole Health Department. In addition to eating healthy and exercising, all-natural combinations of elderberry, echinacea, mushrooms and other time-tested preventives may provide the extra boost your body needs.

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Market of Choice and Hair of the Dog Collaboration | Our Favs

We love to partner with local makers, especially when we get to bring you something new. In this video, you’ll learn about our new Market-made Bratwurst, handcrafted with Portland’s own Hair of the Dog beer and Zenner’s sausage. These fully cooked brats feature Lila Country Lager, which is light and clean and only brewed once a year as an homage to the mother of Hair of the Dog founder Alan Sprints. Lila and Bierweek, a lightly smoked lager by Hair of the Dog, can both be found at your Market Beer Shop, while supplies last! Watch the video.

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Barnacle Foods | Our Favs

Lifelong Alaskans Matt Kern and Lia Heifetz create unique foods with locally grown, harvested and foraged ingredients from the rugged woods and picturesque coastline of Juneau, Alaska. They make unique jams and jellies, as well as four kinds of kelp salsa, kelp pickles and dried kelp seasonings. Watch the video.

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How to Create Sensational Summer Sangrias

Harkening way back to early Greeks and Romans, the combination of wine mixed with fruit, sugar and spices has endured over time for a reason. Typically known for its Spanish origins, Sangria is extremely adaptable – you can make it over and over again and never drink the same Sangria twice.

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Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Do Dad a favor and get him something he loves for Father’s Day. From great grilling gadgets, rubs and sauces to his preferred personal care items and brand of beer, we have everything you need to make Dad’s day extra special.

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Fruity Iced Teas for Summer Sipping

Antioxidant-rich iced tea is the perfect way to enjoy summer on the patio. What’s even better? Add some seasonal summer fruits and you have yourself a tasty twist on a summer favorite. Juicy peaches, tart limes, ruby-red raspberries and herbs, like fresh mint or rosemary, make summer teas extra appetizing.

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Great Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate

Students have put in countless hours to accomplish their goal of crossing the finish line. While the ceremonies and celebrations might look a little different this year, nothing can diminish their achievement. We at Market of Choice celebrate all of our Oregon graduates!

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Market Bakery Cake Slices are Tasty Way to Try Something New

If you’re craving cake but don’t need a whole one, we can help you satisfy your sweet tooth! Our individual slices are a convenient treat or the perfect way to try a new flavor before committing to a full cake. Watch the video.

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What’s on the Grill?

Grilling is one of our favorite warm-weather past times! Firing up the grill is a great way to cook something delicious and keep the kitchen cool. No matter what kind of grill you choose, we’re here to provide all the inspiration you need to have a sensational summer outside. Check back often and get the most out of grilling season, in five easy steps!

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