Market Bakery Pies | Did You Know?

We make entertaining easy as pie! Your Market Bakery offers a vast selection of high-quality, made-to-order or ready-to-serve pies. We offer an assortment of cream pies, as well as fruit pies made from local fruit fillings. To ensure that everyone can enjoy our pies, we also have options for those with special dietary needs, like gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan pies. Not only do we carry our Market-made pies, but we have choices from local retailers. Watch the video to find out more.

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Local Coffee Roasters | Did You Know?

Feel good about what you put in your mug each morning! At Market of Choice, we care about supporting local products, which is why we offer an array of specialty coffee from around the world that’s roasted right here in Oregon. Because we carry what reflects the taste of our customers, our coffee selection varies from store to store. Noble Coffee Roasters and Evans Valley Roasting are a few favorites at our Ashland Market. Ask one of our expert coffee stewards to help you choose the perfect local roast so you can start your day off right! See the video.

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Collagen | Did You Know?

Collagen is generating a bit of buzz. What are its benefits? Are there different ways to take it? Jennifer, Whole Health manager at the Willamette Market, answers all of your questions in this video about this essential protein. Serving several functions in the body, collagen helps with skin elasticity, nails, hair and joint health. It’s important to replenish this protein because at around age 25 your body starts to lose it. We carry an array of collagen choices, including shots, powders, gummies, bars and coffee creamers.

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice | Did You Know?

Our Market Produce freshly squeezed OJ is made with one ingredient – oranges! Each of our produce departments has its own Zummo juicer, imported from Spain for its optimal juicing method. This amazing machine extracts more juice from the fruit than other juicers. We use fresh Valencia and Hamlin oranges, preserved at the perfect temperature until ready for juicing. Learn more in the video.

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Dungeness Crab | Did You Know?

Dungeness crab season is here! Most of our seafood is sourced locally from the Oregon Coast, including our crab, says Rose Marie, seafood specialist at our Corvallis location. Whether you like it warm or cold, the taste of fresh-caught Dungeneness crab is unmatched! Just grab some seafood crackers, pull apart the shell and enjoy on its own or dunked in warm butter! Watch this video to learn more.

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Specialty Cheese Board with Oregon Favorites | Our Favs

Mary, specialty cheese manager at our West Linn location, shares how easy it is to order or create a holiday cheese board with Oregon favorites! Award-winning Rogue River Blue, Tillamook Smoked Black Pepper Cheddar, Oregon State University Cheddar Cheese Curds and Willamette Valley Cheese Company French Prairie Brie are some of Mary’s favorite local cheeses. Watch the video. Know what you want or need suggestions? Stop by your Market and ask your Cheese Steward for assistance!

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Selecting a Turkey for Your Holiday Meal | Did You Know?

We have a high standard for the quality of our meats—turkey is no exception! All of our turkeys are free-range, antibiotic-free and perfect for your holiday feast. Cooking a high-quality turkey requires a little extra care because it does not have a saline solution you might find with a conventional turkey. Here’s a tip: high-quality turkeys are best brined and buttered. Don’t need a whole turkey? The butchers at your Market Meat & Seafood Department can help you choose the perfect cut. Watch the video. Which turkey will you choose?

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Market Kitchen Sides | Did You Know?

Glazed in maple syrup, butter and thyme, then slowly braised until brown on the outside and juicy on the inside, our Maple Glazed Turkey Breast is a seasonal favorite and one of the many choices you’ll find at your Market Kitchen this fall and winter. Marcus, kitchen manager at our Willamette Market, talks about some our chef-created sides, like Brown Butter Caramel Bread Pudding, and Mustard and Cider Roasted Carrots.

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Holiday Wine Pairings | How-To

Wondering which wine to serve for Thanksgiving? Jim, our Willamette Market beverage manager, suggests a fruit-forward Beaujolais-style wine to enjoy with turkey. For beef entrées, such as pot roast, try a flavorful Syrah or Grenache-based wine—both stand up well to almost any cut of meat. Stop by your Market and ask your beverage steward to help you make a perfect pairing!

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Barista | Did You Know?

Kelsea, a barista at our Bend Market, shares insights in a few of our available drinks. Crafted with locally roasted espresso and your choice of whole, nonfat, almond, coconut, soy or hemp milk, our decadent lattes are the perfect way to wake up. Or, try our mocha sweetened with house-made chocolate ganache. Visit your Market Barista and try any of our warm, caffeinated drinks!

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