Savory Waffles Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Sweet and fluffy waffles are delicious, but when you’re craving a savory dish, Mindy Lockard’s hash brown waffles are a wonderful way to wake up. An alternative to traditional waffles but still made with your waffle iron, they are prepared with hash browns, eggs, shredded cheese and ham or bacon. Serve them brunch or enjoy them as a quick and easy breakfast or even dinner. Enjoy them as is, or add your favorite toppings, like hot sauce, ketchup, sour cream, avocado or maple syrup. Watch the video.

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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup? Tackle cold temperatures and cold and flu season with an easy-to-make soup that’s warm, delicious and full of good-for-you ingredients. All you need are veggies, seasonings, chicken stock, noodles and chicken. Mindy uses rotisserie chicken for extra nutrients, flavor and to make this recipe even easier. Watch the video.

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Valentine’s Day Strawberry Shortcake Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Mindy Lockard puts her heart into everything she creates, so when it comes to Valentine’s Day, she makes sure to add a little extra – literally! This heart-shaped strawberry shortcake makes a delicious dessert to share with your sweetie or with friends and family. Let your Market Bakery do the baking and pick up our scratch-made shortcake to make this simple recipe even easier. All you need is a carton of strawberries, heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract to make the adorable shortcake toppings! Get the recipe in this video.

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Heart Calzones Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

It’s the season of love! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped calzones. This tasty dinner doubles as an activity for the whole family. Each family member creates their own, so everyone is involved in the fun and makes their calzone with all of their favorite ingredients. Use a fork to mark initials in each calzone, so that everyone knows which one is theirs once they’re baked. Using purchased pizza dough and sauce from your Market makes this recipe quick and easy! Watch the video here.

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Crab Chowder in Bread Bowls Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Are you ready for the Big Game? No watch party is complete without “soup-er good food! Score points with Mindy’s recipe for Crab Chowder in Bread Bowls. Or, provide everyone choices and pick up a variety of fresh, seasonal soups from your Market Kitchen. Whether your team wins or loses, these soup bowls will be the highlight of the game! Watch the video.

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BBQ Chicken Sliders Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Looking for a new easy weeknight meal? BBQ chicken sliders are the answer! Start your slow-cooker in the morning and it will be ready by dinnertime – it’s that simple! Mindy Lockard makes these melt-in-your-mouth sliders with chicken breasts, pineapple BBQ sauce, carrots and onions, but you can make this recipe all your own with only a few simple tweaks. Watch the video.

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Chex Mix Chicken Fingers Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Chicken fingers are a favorite for many kids (and adults!). Plus, making them with your family can be fun. Your kids will love eating them and you’ll love how easy they are to make. Purchase chicken cutlets from your Meat & Seafood Department and ask them to prep them to make it even simpler. All you need is flour, salt, eggs, Corn Chex Cereal, garlic powder and your go-to dipping sauces, like honey mustard, ranch and ketchup. Watch this video, then grab your kids and get started!

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Granola Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Homemade granola is a versatile treat that your kids will love for breakfast, an after-school snack or even dessert. The best part? It’s healthy and they won’t even know it! To make this wholesome goodness, all you need is a few basic ingredients, like oats, coconut oil and maple syrup, as well as your favorite nuts and dried fruits. Watch the video

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Chocolate Fondue Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

It’s almost the 2020s not the 1960s, but fondue is still a party staple! If you are searching for a fun dessert for your New Year’s Eve party, you’ll love Mindy Lockard’s simple and tasty chocolate fondue. This treat gets everyone involved and makes waiting for the ball to drop extra sweet. All you need is chocolate chips, coconut milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, skewers and all your favorites for dipping. Your family will ask you to fondue this recipe in this video year after year!

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Meatloaf Snowmen Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Finding the fun in the frenzy of the holidays can be challenging. Mindy’s recipe for meatloaf snowmen is a great way to get creative with your kids and get dinner on the table without too much effort. Choosing Market-made meatloaf from your Market Meat Department is Mindy’s suggested shortcut, along with a recipe for smooth slow-cooker mashed potatoes. Watch the video.

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