Ham and Cheese Egg Cups Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Easy, cheesy and perfect for on-the-go mornings, these egg cups are the best way to get back into the routine of busy school day mornings. Full of protein and flavor, these convenient, savory treats keep the whole family energized.

2019-09-18T15:18:49-08:00August 30th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Easy Grilled Sliders Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Did someone say tailgate? You heard that right, football season is upon us! Which means wearing your team’s colors, enjoying your favorite icy cold beverage and, of course, tailgate fare! Mindy Lockard shares a simple-yet-delicious slider recipe that’s great for sharing.

2019-09-18T15:19:01-08:00August 28th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

The Easiest Homemade Pizza Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Hang up the phone! There’s no need to call and order a pizza. Instead, revolutionize your family dinner with Mindy Lockard’s grilly good homemade pizzas. This recipe gets everyone involved in the fun and each family member can make their own pizza how they like it (finally, no more arguing over pizza toppings).

2019-09-18T15:19:35-08:00August 21st, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Getting picky eaters to experiment with dishes outside their comfort zone can be tricky, but BBQ sauce is a fantastic way to encourage them to try new flavors! Mindy Lockard shows us how to make taste-testing fun and interactive with a trio of homemade sauces – Standard, Sweet, and Spicy. Then use them to make delicious barbecued chicken!

2019-09-18T15:19:39-08:00August 14th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Gazpacho Soup and Noodle Salad Jar Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

These fun, grab ‘n’ go soup and salad jars make an easy picnic meal or convenient lunches for the whole family. To create a flavorful cold Gazpacho soup, just add fresh vegetables and liquid to mason jars, then shake it! For pasta salad, mix cooked pasta, vegetables and dressing and you’re all set! Store soup and salad jars in the refrigerator until ready to eat. Delicious and convenient!

2019-09-18T15:19:46-08:00August 8th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Individual Blackberry Pies Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Watch Mindy Lockard make delectable individually sized pies that are superb for picnics, potlucks or as an after-dinner treat. These adorable mini-pies are inspired by Mindy’s childhood memories of picking blackberries for her mom’s homemade pies.

2019-09-18T15:20:44-08:00July 17th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Family Dinner Board Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

For those nights you don’t want to cook, but still want to have dinner as a family, this platter is the perfect solution! Cheese, crackers, fruits, jams, olives, humus, vegetables – choose 4 to 5 of these simple ingredients and create a dinner board that your family will flip for.

2019-09-18T15:20:49-08:00July 15th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Seafood Boil Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

Summer grilling, with a southern spin! Watch Mindy Lockard and her husband make a sausage, potato, vegetable and shrimp boil on the grill. Serve with melted butter, cocktail and tartar sauce then eat right out of the foil – no utensils or dishes required! A great way to bring friends and family together, this dinner is delicious and interactive.

2019-09-18T15:20:55-08:00July 5th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

S’mores Indoors Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

The quintessential summer treat, s’mores are a fun way to bring friends and family together. Mindy Lockard shows you how to make a simple s’mores kit using ingredients you might already have in your pantry, like cookies and peanut butter cups.

2019-09-18T15:20:59-08:00June 28th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|

Watermelon Basket Recipe | Gracious Kitchen with Mindy Lockard

It's barbecue season! Mindy Lockard will show you how to turn a watermelon into a fun and healthy make-and-take that's perfect for potlucks and doesn't require a dish.

2019-09-18T15:21:05-08:00June 17th, 2019|Gracious Kitchen|