Bread Lovers German-Style Breads | Local Maker

When Sascha and Monique Menesi immigrated to the United States, they longed for the German-style breads they were accustomed to enjoying. So, Monique began making her own bread mixes, often in large batches, so they could bake themselves a daily loaf without the hassle of combining all the ingredients—and suddenly, a business was born.

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Toby’s Family Foods | Local Maker

Toby's creates protein-rich tofu dips and spreads and delicious dressings, using organic, Non-GMO ingredients, sourced from local, independent farmers and food producers.

2020-05-12T13:05:51-07:00May 10th, 2019|Local Makers, Videos|

Bee Lucia | Local Maker

Less than content with the soy candles they found on the market, the Morris family decided they could do better. "We wanted to create a super clean candle with actual health benefits," says Bee Lucia Co-Founder Jameson Morris. So, he and his mother, sister and grandmother got to work.

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