Roons | Local Maker

Naturally gluten-free and oh-so-good, Roons macaroons are simply marvelous! Crafted in Portland with the highest quality ingredients, they have a sweet, but not-too-sweet flavor that is sure to make you swoon. A new take on a traditional macaroon, each one is hand-scooped, baked and dipped in chocolate. Find them at your Market Bakery in a variety of fun flavors! Watch the video.

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LivBar | Local Maker

Need an energy boost? Whether it’s for a quick breakfast or a hiking snack, Salem-made LivBar is the solution! One of the only baked bars in the nation, this organic superfood bar has a unique, complex flavor profile that has been perfected over seven years. Because it is baked, it also won’t melt in the heat or freeze in the cold. Low-allergen, LivBar is gluten-, soy-, dairy-, corn- and GMO-free. Watch the video.

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Local Langdon Ag Wild Rice at Market of Choice

When it became clear that Oregonians needed staple goods in short supply, like rice, Market of Choice and Oregon wild rice grower Langdon Ag ramped up their partnership in the midst of the national emergency. Watch this video featuring Langdon Ag co-owners Tony Langdon and John Langdon, who talk about the partnership, share the story of their Harrisburg farm, and explain some of the many ways this wholesome rice can be enjoyed.

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Menegon Caramel | Local Maker

Upon moving from Portland from France, Sylvie Menegon launched Menegon Company Caramel Sauces. Market of Choice was the first grocery store to carry her delectable French caramels, inspired by her grandmother’s French recipe. They come in three unique flavors: original Caramel, chocolate Chocamel, or coffee-flavored Caramoka. Drizzle them over ice cream or fruit, spread onto pancakes or crepes or mix into yogurt, milk or coffee. Delish!

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Local Culture and Super Belly | Local Maker

Local Culture and Super Belly – these two fermented products are rich in probiotic bacteria to boost your digestive and immune system health. Co-owner Billy Nick talks about how these two innovative Bend-based companies stay up to date on diet trends and create good-for-you products, like fermented sauerkraut in unique flavors and dressings and condiments made from pure avocado oil. Look for Local Culture and Super Belly at your Market of Choice!

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Khalsa Salsa | Local Maker

Sukhdev Singh had never tasted salsa before he immigrated to the United States. He immediately became a fan once he tried it and began experimenting with ways to incorporate Indian spices into salsa.

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Driftwest Water Kefir | Local Maker

Julianne Richardson, owner of Driftwest Water Kefir, creates one-of-a-kind, vegan and gluten-free drinks that are a blend of good strains of bacteria and yeast. Naturally fermented, this bubbly water kefir with a hint of fruit juice is rich in beneficial probiotics.

2020-07-10T13:52:06-07:00July 26th, 2019|Local Makers, Videos|

Hoss Soss | Local Maker

Handcrafting “Heat you can handle” is the mission of Hoss Soss owners Matt Kuerbis and Catherine Sutherland. Matt worked as a chef at a resort in Costa Rica and was known for making hot sauce for guests. When he returned to Oregon, he decided to pursue his passion and launch a business.

2020-07-10T13:52:02-07:00July 19th, 2019|Local Makers, Videos|

Ecliptic Brewing | Local Maker

With a mission to bring high quality beer to the community, John Harris is constantly finding creative ways to add his own twist to craft beer. Based in Portland, Ecliptic Brewing was founded on John’s two passions – brewing and astronomy. Learn more from John about Ecliptic Brewing’s unique styles and flavors!

2020-07-10T13:52:34-07:00July 5th, 2019|Local Makers, Videos|

Caldera Brewing | Local Maker

Located in Ashland, Oregon, Caldera Brewing creates handcrafted ales, lagers and sodas for the masses. Caldera was the first craft brewery on the West Coast to brew and can its own beer, igniting a canning revolution.

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