Irish Cheese | Our Favs

Make your St. Paddy’s Day celebration truly authentic with Irish cheese from your Market Cheese Shop! One of our favorites is creamy Kerrygold Dubliner. With a distinct, sweet flavor, this Irish cheese is delicious on sandwiches and in recipes. Or, try Cahill’s Irish Porter, a nutty, chocolatey cheese made from traditional Irish beer. Make a gorgeous spread with our Irish Soda Bread or simply pair with a Guinness. Visit your Market and discover the luck of the Irish! Watch the video.

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Winter Wine | Our Favs

What’s better than wine? Wine and chocolate! Ask one of our experienced wine stewards to help you find the perfect bottle to go with your favorite chocolate. If you’re a milk chocolate lover, we recommend something on the sweeter side, like a Brachetto or a medium-bodied red, like an Oregon Pinot Noir. To avoid dark chocolate making your wine taste bitter, try a sweet Port or an adventurous Italian Barolo Chinato. If you’re in a hurry and need a cold bottle, we have bottle chillers in store. Watch the video.

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Love Local | Our Favs

Did you know that Market of Choice carries over 7,000 local items? We support our communities by offering products that are made right here in Oregon. Our Ashland store manager, Lindsey, shares some of her favorite local brands, like Rogue Creamery, Wilderness Poets and Roons. Each of our stores has its own unique selection of locally made wines, too, like Peter Williams and Irvine & Roberts and Weisinger. Visit your Market and see what Oregon has to offer! Watch the video.

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“I Love You” Bouquets | Our Favs

Looking for a way to show someone special that you care? We have a variety of stunning mixed bouquets that your sweetie will surely love. For a “sweeter” gift, choose an “I Love You” bouquet. A perfect Valentine’s Day surprise, this bouquet is a beautiful bundle of a dozen roses with a milk or dark Chocolove chocolate bar tucked inside. Learn more in the video.

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Citrus Season | Our Favs

It’s citrus season! From sweet to tart, we have a wide variety of citruses that are full of fresh flavor. Patty, produce manager at our Belmont Market, shares some of her favorite oranges. For on-the-go snacking, grab some easy-to-peal Mandarins that you and your kids will love. Sumo Mandarins are only in season for a short time, so make sure to get this larger Mandarin while you can. Or, slice and enjoy slightly tangy Cara Cara oranges. Watch the video

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Winter Beers | Our Favs

It’s porter and stout season! Henry, beer and wine steward at our Bend location, suggests Alesong’s Rhino Suit, a bourbon barrel-aged stout from Eugene that exudes velvety layers of vanilla and coconut and sweet and chocolatey malt flavors. You’ll find it alongside other sensational selections at your Market Beer Shop – no two stores are the alike! In addition to a wide selection of singles, we offer draft choices for small pour or growler fills at our Bend, Belmont and Cedar Mill locations. Watch the video

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Winter Soup Selection | Our Favs

It’s National Soup Month! Our scratch-made soups are crafted with our own recipes and the freshest ingredients. Enjoy our winter seasonal soups, like Winter Squash and White Bean or Cheddar and Hard Cider. Or, try our classics, like Chicken Noodle, Clam Chowder and Mama Leone’s – a hearty twist on classic, creamy tomato with chicken and veggies. Ladle your favorites from our hot bar or grab a Gourmet Take-Away flavor to warm up when you get home. If you have dietary restrictions, we have gluten-free friendly and vegan options, too. Stop by your Market and enjoy a different soup each day of the week! Learn more in the video.

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Smoothies | Our Favs

Give yourself a nutritional boost this winter with one of our many wholesome, delicious smoothies from your Market Barista. Rachel, a barista at our Willakenzie Market, shares in this video some of her favorites, like our Oregon Cranberry Smoothie or Tropical Monkey Smoothie with bananas, mangoes and pineapple. Made with orange juice or your preferred milk or milk alternative, our smoothies can be blended any way you like.

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Holiday Bakery Brunch | Our Favs

Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Complete your holiday brunch with sweet pastries from your Market Bakery. Emily, bakery manager at our Belmont location, shares some of her favorites, like our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Or, grab a pack of one of our many varieties of scones. Stop by your Market and pick-up some holiday pastries today! Watch the video.

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Lemon Drop Melon | Our Favs

Phil, our Franklin produce clerk, explains why his favorite produce this time of year is a lemon drop melon—it’s a sweet, refreshing melon with a twist! Stop by your Market and we’ll help you pick out one of these fun, hybrid melons to take home.

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