Cedar Mill Beverage Steward Chris

For a beverage aficionado, working at Market of Choice is truly a dream come true. Keeping up with the latest trends in wine, beer and coffee is definitely one of the perks of the job, says Chris at our Cedar Mill Market. “There’s always something new. It’s an exploratory environment and I really enjoy that,” he says.

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Belmont Produce Assistant Manager Patty

Fruits, vegetables and other produce have always been a part of Patty’s life. Growing up in Molalla, she spent summers picking broccoli with friends. On weekends, she ran a small produce stand that her mother owned. Fast forward to today and Patty is now the produce manager at our Belmont Market in Portland, working with fruits and vegetables every day. It's a career that brings her joy, she says.

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Belmont Freight Clerk Lisa

Lisa remembers when the organic food movement first took root in Berkeley, California. Back then, small “buying clubs” worked with local farmers to bring fresh, food directly to consumers. In the following years, a “shop local” trend caught on and spread. Today, as a freight clerk at our Belmont store in Portland, she relies on her industry experience to ensure customers have choices, especially those with unique, local flavor.

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Ashland Store Manager Jon

Jon, one of our Ashland store managers, encourages and strives for growth at work and in his own life. There’s rarely a day that goes by that Jon doesn’t read a book. Not just part of a book, mind you, but an entire book, cover to cover. He loves helping new authors find their voice, and he brings that passion for helping others to his work at Market of Choice every day, as well.

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Cedar Mill Assistant Bakery Manager Corina

Corina assisted her mother by gathering ingredients, stirring the pot, and cleaning up afterward. Those moments left a lasting impression on her. She later enrolled in The French Pastry School in Chicago, as part of an immersive six-month program, learning pastry, baking and confectionery arts.

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