On The Menu in August

Savory, sweet and full of summer flavor, your Market Kitchen is cooking up excellent in-season eats the entire month of August. The Sweet Fire Hot Chicken and Waffle Sandwich is an open-face extravaganza, featuring Liège Belgian waffles topped with crispy fried chicken, sweet-hot honey, red-eye gravy and pickled jalapeños. Watch the video.

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Baking in Season in August

At your Market Bakery, we're making the most of in-season produce during the month of August. Enjoy berry delicious pies and pudding cakes. Start your day with a peachy-keen muffin, or slice into wholesome zucchini bread with apples and spices. See (and taste) for yourself at your local Market! Watch the video.

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Baking in Season in July

Jump into July with bountiful berries and fun, taste-tempting treats! For breakfast, try our scratch-made Red, White and Blueberry Mini Scones filled with sweet raspberries and beautiful blueberries. Perfect for popping in your mouth, our Firecracker Cookies are drizzled with white chocolate and topped with Pop Rocks! Or, enjoy a s'mores treat, sans the campfire! Find out more in the video.

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On The Menu in July

Bright, light and full of flavor, our latest creations are sure to wake up your taste buds! Our gluten-free friendly Sicilian-Style Salmon is perfectly roasted and topped with fresh, in-season tomatoes, artichokes, Sicilian olives, spinach, roasted red peppers, capers, herbs and lemon juice. Watch the video.

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Dig Local

By partnering with local farmers, we’re bringing in unique produce for you to enjoy throughout the season. In the process, we’re helping Oregon family farms grow their businesses. Working together, we’re cultivating a stronger food community.

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Baking in Season in June

Start your day with tasty Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins, featuring a decadent strawberry cream cheese filling and sensational streusel topping. Or, satisfy your sweet tooth with naturally fat-free, light and fluffy angel food cakes, hand-folded with high-quality ingredients, like Singing Dog Vanilla, sustainably grown and milled Shepherd's Grain Flour and evaporated cane sugar. Find out more in the video.

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On The Menu in June

The Shelby Grilled Cheese! This extravagant hot sandwich features ooey-gooey, creamy havarti and brie cheeses with blackberry jam, applewood-smoked ham and fresh basil between slices of Parmesan-crusted grilled sourdough. It's so heavenly! Watch the video.

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What’s on the Grill?

Grilling is one of our favorite warm-weather past times! Firing up the grill is a great way to cook something delicious and keep the kitchen cool. No matter what kind of grill you choose, we’re here to provide all the inspiration you need to have a sensational summer outside. Check back often and get the most out of grilling season, in five easy steps!

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On The Menu in May

What’s on the menu in May? Our Everything-But-The-Bagel Seasoning Roasted Salmon! Pair it with our Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Caprese Salad. We’re also serving up sweet, salty and tangy Sesame Ginger Grilled Baby Bok Choy. Watch the video.

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Baking in Season in May

At your Market Bakery, we’re baking with fresh, seasonal ingredients throughout the month of May. A nod to spring and warmer days, our Strawberry Boston is filled and topped with glazed strawberries for a Northwest twist on the traditional Boston Cream Pie. What else in baking this month? How about Mexican Wedding Cookies! Watch the video.

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