On The Menu in August

Savory, sweet and full of summer flavor, your Market Kitchen is cooking up excellent in-season eats the entire month of August. The Sweet Fire Hot Chicken and Waffle Sandwich is an open-face extravaganza, featuring Liège Belgian waffles topped with crispy fried chicken, sweet-hot honey, red-eye gravy and pickled jalapeños.

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Baking in Season in August

At your Market Bakery, we're making the most of in-season produce during the month of August. Enjoy berry delicious pies and pudding cakes. Start your day with a peachy-keen muffin, or slice into wholesome zucchini bread with apples and spices. See (and taste) for yourself at your local Market!

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Queso Fundido Recipe | Chef’s Kitchen with Chef Greg

What’s not to love about ooey-gooey queso fundido? It’s easy, cheesy and delicious! This is a classic offered at many Mexican restaurants, served as an appetizer with chips and salsa. It makes a great shared dish for camping, and it’s even better with a cold beer! Chef Greg explains how to make it in a few quick steps.

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Barnacle Foods | Local Maker

Lifelong Alaskans Matt Kern and Lia Heifetz create unique foods with locally grown, harvested and foraged ingredients from the rugged woods and picturesque coastline of Juneau, Alaska. They make unique jams and jellies, as well as four kinds of kelp salsa, kelp pickles and dried kelp seasonings.

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Hibisbloom | Local Maker

Popular throughout West Africa, hibiscus flower tea is a piece of tradition that Hibisbloom owner, Affouet Price, wanted to share with the world. This Portland-based company was started by Affouet and her mother in June 2019 to do just that. Plant-based, gluten-free and naturally sweetened, this wholesome beverage is as versatile as it is delicious.

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Oregon Star Tomatoes | Dig Local

Oregon Star Tomatoes are now available at your Market of Choice! A cross between Santiam and Roma varieties, these large, meaty tomatoes have a well-balanced flavor and beautiful red color. They are excellent for slicing or making sauces. In this video, meet our Dig Local partners Charlie Harris and Deva Harris-Williams, owners of Flamingo Ridge Farm in Gaston, Oregon. Charlie and Deva share what makes these tomatoes unique and how to enjoy them.

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Villa Jerada | Local Maker

Market of Choice works closely with local makers and importers, like Mehdi Boujrada, owner of Villa Jerada in Portland, to source the very best products from around the world and close to home. Mehdi started his business by importing the highest-quality, cold-pressed cooking and dipping oils from Morocco.

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Bloom Caramel | Local Maker

Handcrafted in Portland, Bloom Caramel sauces are made with organic cane sugar, Oregon sea salt, vanilla and coconut milk. The result is a caramel that is wonderfully flavorful, vegan-friendly and free of allergens. Use them to top ice cream, stir into coffee, dip fruit, add to baked goods, pair with cheese, or simply enjoy by the spoonful. In this video, Owner Chris Bailey explains why he was inspired to launch Bloom Caramel.

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La Porteña Chimichurri | Local Maker

Bring abundant taste and tradition to the table with La Porteña Chimichurri. Made in Portland with locally sourced ingredients, this small-batch chimichurri is crafted from a family recipe with Argentinian roots. “Chimichurri is the heart of the Argentine table,” says Jessica Viciconte, owner of La Porteña Chimichurri. It’s traditionally used as a garlicy, herby finishing sauce for barbecued foods.

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Grilled Dijon Salmon | Chef’s Kitchen with Chef Greg

Super summery and simple, this quick and easy grilled salmon gets a bright punch of tangy flavor from a creamy, herby, lemony sauce. It’s an excellent warm-weather, gluten-free entrée to enjoy with a crisp, green salad or alongside grilled toast points and bruschetta. Watch the video.

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