Joey’s Hot Sauce

Sparked by a simple wish, Joey’s Hot Sauce is both a sweet and spicy story, says Joey Repice. When his wife, Lisa, one day lamented that the vast majority of hot sauce labels were laden with fillers, binders and sugar, Joey leapt at the chance to create something different.

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MoC & Partner Zero Proof Cocktails

For Dryuary or any time of year, Zero-Proof cocktails provide an alcohol-free way to enjoy a great cocktail without the after-effects. Our team has curated a wonderful selection of Zero-Proof beverages and mixers, many from local producers, for you to enjoy.

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Dungeness Crab Season

The peak of Oregon Dungeness Crab season runs from December to April, with the best supply hitting your Market Meat & Seafood Department in January.

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Cascade Brewing Winter Sage Collab Beer Released, Available for a Limited Time

Seeking something unique to drink as you settle into the season? Our latest collaboration beer, created by Cascade Brewing of Portland, is a barrel-aged sour wheat ale that's tart, wintery, mellow and earthy. Watch the video here.

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Cape Blanco Cranberries

Sweet-tart cranberries are the Puhl family's bread and butter. First planted in 1993, Cape Blanco Cranberries are grown in Port Orford, along the beautiful southern Oregon Coast. This mild climate provides extra time for the cranberries to fully mature on the vine, resulting in darker, sweeter cranberries. Watch the video.

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Block & Blade: Premium Provisions & Professional Service

Block and Blade is all about our authentic butchers, mongers and the premium provisions they prepare for you. Humanely raised meats and sustainably sourced seafood are sourced directly from ranchers and fisherfolk who care deeply about delivering quality and flavor with an unparalleled attention to detail. Watch the video.

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Kiyokawa Family Orchards | Dig Local

Since 1911, the Kiyokawa family has grown fruits and vegetables from the rich, nutrient-dense soil at the base of Mt. Hood in Parkdale, Oregon. One of their specialties is heirloom apples, which can’t be found at most grocery stores. Watch the video.

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Riverwood Orchards & Farms Fall Produce

Through our Dig Local program, we work directly with small farms and orchards in Oregon to bring you the best, most unique produce throughout the season. Meet Alan Frost, manager of Riverwood Orchards & Farms in Monmouth, Oregon. Alan and Tom, our produce field merchandiser, have developed a strong relationship over the years. Watch the video to learn how this local orchard trains its trees and cultivates new varieties for you to enjoy.

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On The Menu in October

You’ll flip for all of the fantastic fall flavors you’ll find at your Market Kitchen in October! Don’t miss The BBQ Pigwich! Thick-cut, country-style pork ribs are cooked in tangy Carolina barbecue sauce, then topped with shredded cabbage, sweet pickles and a dousing of creamy ivory barbecue sauce. It’s savory, messy and totally crave-worthy! Watch the video.

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Baking in Season in October

Cozy, comforting treats abound at your Market Bakery in October! Scratch-made with plant-based ingredients and topped with a light glaze, our beautiful Vegan Spice Cake is perfect with coffee or tea. Or try our Petite Pumpkin Cheesecakes with a swirl of sour cream atop a buttery graham crust. Yum! Watch the video.

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